Friday, 16 February 2018

Two weeks of term 1

we do swimming everyday but not Mondays, we have  kiwi can every Tuesdays, we have kiwi sports every Thursdays, and every Fridays we have library

New Events

This term i went swimming with Ms Elia, music, kiwi sport, kiwi can.

Term 1 goal

Term 1 goal

My goal for term one is to improve my learning in all the curriculum
areas and become an Active Learner by staying on task and listening
to instructions all the time

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Friday, 22 September 2017

Dear Dad

Dear Dad in the holidays i would like to go to gravity with my friend richie

To go to gravity i will do my dishes, vacuum, do my bed, clean the house and do all my chores.

Your beloved son jeziah


Glenbrae Duffy Role Model Assembly

On monday the 18th 2017 Glenbrae had a duffy role model assembly in the hall.

First we all settled down. When we settled down our glenbrae student leaders brought our special guest in her name was Niva Retimanu. She is a samoan that was born in invercargill and her daily job is to be a journalist. She started her job at the age of 18 and she has been working at her job for 30 years.

When Niva entered the hall she got introduced by our school leaders after she got introduced Niva got a book called kiss kiss yuck yuck. Niva read the book to glenbrae and when she said “kiss kiss” we all said “yuck yuck” after the book she handed out the books candice in our class went to get it. After that Glenbrae and Niva sang the Duffy song