Friday, 18 August 2017

The Three legends

How to make a cup of Milo

Walt: write a procedure on how to make a cup of milo.

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  1. Milk
  2. Hot water
  3. Tea spoon
  4. Cup
  5. Suger
  6. Milo
  7. Hot water jug

  1. Get a cup, make sure it is clean.
  2. Get the jug ready.
  3. Add some milo and sugar into the cup.
  4. Wait for the jug to finish.
  5. Get the jug and pour it into the cup in till the hot water is at the middle.
  6. Pour in a little bit of milo into the cup then stir it.

  Now drink the milo

Giving Directions

Goal: To give directions to Mary to walk  to Point England School from Glenbrae School.

Materials: map

Walt: write a procedural writing on giving directions.

Success criteria: I am able to use the structural and language features to write a procedure on giving directions.

Purpose: to give directions to Mary to walk from Glenbrae school to Point england school.

1. Walk to the main Gate.
2. Turn left onto Leybourn Circle.
3. Stop at the foot crossing.
4. Turn right at the foot crossing.
5. Cross the road when it is clear.
6. Turn right onto Leybourn Circle.
7. Walk to Fenchurch Street.
8. Turn left onto Fenchurch Street and walk to the Fenchurch Shops.
9. Turn right onto Taniwha Street at the Fenchurch shops.
10. Walk towards Elstree Ave..
11.Turn left onto Elstree Ave at  the roundabout and walk towards Point England Road
12. Walk past the  Gi Pools  on the left.
13.  Walk past the traffic lights and turn left and walk  towards the red gate on your left.
14. Enter through the red gate to get to the destination.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Soil erosion and conservation

Rm 10s fitness

Room 10 did exciting fitness today with Mrs Raj. We played a game called the Compass  Game. Mrs Raj said North and we had to face North, if she said West then we had to face West, if she said South the we faced South. This game was very awsome.File:Compass rose simple.svg - Wikipedia

Kiwi Sports

On thursday 18th of may Rm10 had kiwi sports. We had kiwi sports in the hall for kiwi sports we did netball. We had two coaches Crissy and Antonia.

We had a little game called shore shark sea. When Antonia says shark we run to the middle when she says sea we run to the far right when she says shore we run to the far left. The last one there is out. When you are out you have to watch the other people and tell them that they were last and then they are out.

After that game they told us 4 passes chest-pass, overhead-pass, bounce-pass and shoulder-pass. Chest pass is when you put the ball at you chest and pass it to the person on the other side and they will do the same thing